SFR – 32N

SFR – S125

SFR – NH515

SUFR – 500W

SLF – 522 Flame Lamination Promotor

SPOL – 245 Flame Lamination Enhancer

Flame Retardants are additives used in the foam to reduce the flammability of the foam, by decreasing the speed of the burning rate or eliminating the burning effect, after removal of flame – depending on the application. These additives are suitable to pass the British Standard 5852 Crib 5, FMV SS 302, CAL – 117 and others.
On the other hand, flame lamination promotors are specially designed adhesives that helps the adhesion of foam to different substrates, by flame lamination process. Because these additives are highly important for every specific application, please contact us to choose together the best option, depending on your requirements.